OrderMotion Captured Retailers’ Votes in Shop.org’s Innovation Contest with Plan for Future Economic Success

OrderMotion, Inc., a leading provider of order management solutions for mid-market online merchants was recently recognized as a winner of the 2009 Shop.org Innovation Contest at the Shop.org Strategy and Innovation Forum, February 2-4, 2009 in Orlando, FL.

Exhibitors submitted proposals that explained what retailers should do to succeed in this downturned economy and prepare for future success. The top five proposals were selected by the retail members of Shop.org and showcased at the forum by the winning companies.

OrderMotion’s award-winning proposal was presented by Marty Fahey, CEO, OrderMotion. He advised retailers that the formula for success is “1×12/3=$” and can be achieved by using OMX, OrderMotion’s new order management service combining throughput with visual operational data, to boost repeat buyer behavior, resulting in higher AOVs and lower cost.

With OMX, retailers can easily turn one order into 12 recurring orders by implementing continuity and payment plans that encourage repeat buying behavior, such as a plan that sends a package of diapers to a new Mom periodically for three easy installments of $49.95. Retailers can also monitor, in real-time, the buying behavior trends on the OMX dashboards to determine if additional marketing is necessary.

“In this economy, customers are looking for easier ways to purchase their favorite products. The combination of continuity and payment plans lets retailers meet that need while locking in higher AOVs and extending customer relationships,” said Fahey.

About OrderMotion
OrderMotion is an award-winning Boston-based technology company that offers visual order management solutions for mid-market specialty online merchants. A software as a service (SaaS) pioneer, OrderMotion has helped hundreds of companies expand their ecommerce presence over the past 10 years. Processing over one billion dollars in ecommerce transactions and eight million orders each year, OrderMotion powers some of the most successful online merchants today, including CenturyNovelty.com, Dr. Natura, Goldspeed.com, Fair Indigo, Zabar’s and others.

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